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Lake Placid Loppet Pics

Just a few selected photos from the race.  Great job to everyone!



one of "The Others"

holy crap I was frozen!
Thanks to my wife Cathy for all the pics and videos

Coles Woods Grooming Report

The skate lane was groomed last night and classic tracks set.  Conditions are rated B/B+ for skating and about a C+ for classic. I went back out this AM with a rake and cleared pine cones off the trail up to the top of SOB (almost 2K), but I think today's wind might have negated much of my work.  I tried to do a no-pole skate workout with the rake, but found it quite difficult to skate and rake at the same time...

Any skiers out there who enjoy the trails might want to bring a rake with them and help clear a section of the loop.  Its not bad skiing right now except for the pine cones!

how we make corduroy in Coles Woods
A tasty little GIS mosaic on the history and naming of Cole's Woods ski trails. I think the full name is Norman Cole.

The city is now posting trail conditions on their website here. Or is it here?

As of Thursday night, the lights were on. The trail is a bit rough and lots of debris is strewn about. The SW Corner is a very gnarly ride right now with multiple face-plant depressions to avoid. I highly recommend it. Overall, the conditions aren't awesome, but its worth it.

Coles Woods Ski Conditions Report

The 5K loop has seen some recent attention after Wednesday's snowfall. Here's the latest grooming report as of 5pm yesterday, care of Bill Parks:

"Trails are partially groomed...fair to poor conditions. Packed damp powder. Lights are not yet on. Conditions should be good by Thursday afternoon with 5km groomed for skating and classical"

There's a downed wire at the bottom of the Camel Humps, so beware if its dark. The lights are not on yet, which is a really big surprise! The fields behind Queensbury school have also been groomed for skating thanks to Bob Underwood.

Apparently winter is here.

Nifty Nordic Video

Here's a pretty cool video for your viewing pleasure (basically a YouTube clip produced by xczone.com).  You gotta love the nifty tricks these guys pull off.  However, most of the moves appear to be stolen from our old pal Chris Fracchia, a man who was pulling stuff like this off in the early 80's.   

check out another vid here, one that is a bit more mobile in its coverage

TeamNJS Aligns with Hudson United!

You may have heard about a new NYSSRA Nordic club called the Hudson United Racing Team (“HURT”). HURT is the brainchild of Dave Kvam, a former Peru Nordic first-round draft pick who went rogue after learning that Jim Kobak was actually from New Jersey. Kvam recently stated, “I should have known because all of the signs were there! The guy’s house is littered with Jets and Overkill stuff! Weird!” 

Kvam looking rattled after learning about Kobak's origins.

Kvam formed HURT not only to thwart the Peru Nordic menace, but also to challenge the annoying over-achievers at NYSEF. Kvam started off by collecting an impressive roster of nordic vagabonds from the Southern Adirondack region. Then, in an effort to make HURT a true contender, Kvam approached TeamNJS with an offer to form an alliance.


After protracted and sometimes contentious negotiations, TeamNJS has officially decided to join the HURT effort.  TeamNJS will no longer be an independently sanctioned NYSSRA club, but will continue to exist as a division of the Hudson United Racing Team. Look for Farry, Diehl and South to be racing under the HURT banner this winter.      



To learn more about HURT, click here or follow the link on the left side of this blog.